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Welcome to the latest in the Nsane Family of websites, Nsane Ink.com! If you've been to any of our sites (see our link page) you will know we are serious about what we do. Here at Nsane Ink you will be able to see some of the finest Tattoo Models on the internet. Our flagship site Nsane Photography was starting to get so many photo shoot requests for Tatted Models we decided to start a new site dedicated to those lovely ladies whose body art is not only a part of them, but also on display for the world to see. I've been shooting with some of these Models for the last eight months to prepare some content for this long awaited dedicated tattoo website. Besides Tattoo Models we here at Nsane Ink will also see out various Tattoo Shows and Conventions such as The Hell City Tattoo Show which we have attended once and hope to visit again. We also delve a little into the history of the art of tattooing to give you a little background about this ancient art of expression and communication. I can remember when tattoos were considered taboo in society, now you can't hardly look around without seeing some Athlete, Rapper, Rocker, Soldier, Sailor, Marine, or Civilian walking around sporting tattoos up and down his or her arms, neck, or torso. I've made several trips to the far east so I'm a big fan of the Asian style of tattooing with all of the colors they use and I find women who have their bodies covered in such a manner very appealing so I hope you feel the same because you will be seeing a lot of heavily tatted female Models here at Nsane Ink. So enough of listening of me run my yap, go inside and see what I'm talking about by clicking on some of the links on the link bar above. Don't forget to check back often, we will update as often as we can.

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