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The interesting images you see here were taken at The Hell City Tattoo Festival and also the Gambling Rose Tattoo Convention.  The Hell City show was the first tattoo show I had ever attended so I didn't really know what to expect besides seeing a bunch of people with tattoos running around there.  I did see a lot of tattooed people but it was the stage show that really had me doing double takes! The Performers who names I can't remember took turns doing all kinds of stunts from walking on glass, busting objects over each others heads, and circus type juggling acts.  The showstopper was the human tug of war, where the participants had hooks in their backs that were attached to ropes and then people opposite them that were also pierced in this way. It was painful for me to watch so I know they had to be in agony. I knew getting multiple tattoos would require a high tolerance for pain but this was off the chart.  If the Hell City Tattoo Festival ever comes to your city, be sure to check it out, you will not be bored. I attended the Columbus Ohio show but Hell City also visits Phoenix Arizona which I know has to be a wild time. Besides Hell City you will also be able to check out shots from the Gambling Rose Tattoo Convention that took place in Cincinnati Ohio. I found out about this show last minute so I grabbed my camera and went over to the convention center and shot as many shots as I could and also got a little video footage.

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