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Below are the galleries for The Hell City Tattoo Festival that was held in Columbus Ohio. This tattoo convention featured a collection of Tattoo Artist from all around the Midwest competing in Tattoo contests and also selling their creations to the general public. There are demonstrations for the latest Tattoo techniques and seminars for various subjects in the tattoo industry. The top gallery has pictures from the wild variety show that was put on for the crowds entertainment. The second gallery has pictures from the tug of war contest I mentioned on the cover page. For those who are into tattoos should make it a point to attend The Hell City Tattoo Festival.
Below are images from the Gambling Rose Tattoo convention that took place in Cincinnati Ohio July 12-14 2013. I found out about this show last minute so I ran over to the Cincinnati Convention Center fresh from my trip to Thailand and snapped as many shots as I could. I also got a little video footage which you can check out on the video page. My main purpose was to recruit some new Models for this website so look forward to seeing some amazing Models in the Models Gallery and check and I hope to add more Tattoo Convention pictures here in the future.
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